The Tasmanian Nature Company, Tasmania’s oldest nature tourism operation, is expanding to include specialised eco-tours of Tasman Peninsula.


Our consultant botanist Fred Duncan has a particular passion for Tasman Peninsula and has even written a book about the flora of the area.
The region has a fascinating range of ecosystems from coastal heath to secluded rainforests.
You can join a tour to hear Fred quietly tell dozens of stories about these interesting local species. His depth of knowledge about Tasmania’s 2,000 native plants is just wonderful.


Tasman Peninsula is truly special for birding, not just on shore but off the coast as well.
The peninsula forms part of the South-East Tasmania Important Bird Area, identified by Bird Life International because of its importance in the conservation of woodland species, especially the endangered swift parrot and forty-spotted pardalote.
The Tasmanian Nature Company has identified over 100 species on land and is currently doing a new survey to identify new locations. These include all 12 Tasmanian endemic species.
Tasman Peninsula also is a renowned location for pelagic bird trips. It juts out into the Tasman Sea close to the continental shelf so it’s a great place to take a charter trip with an expert guide to see the great birds of the ocean – wandering, shy and Bullers albatross, fairy prions and even blue petrels.


At the moment these specialist tours can be booked on a charter basis only. Contact us via the form for an info pack.